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"You can't walk the Portuguese Route without having a cup of organic coffee from Ideas Peregrinas." Manuel. España. Camino Portugués 2017

Our daily menu for just €9

Every day, we offer a €9 menu that includes drinks, first course, main course and coffee. Find out what today’s menu is!

  • First courseBacon salad
  • Second courseBean stew with kale
  • DrinksWater
  • and to finish offA delicious coffee
If you can’t see your favourite dish, just ask us!

Hot drinks!

– Coffee with organic milk.
– Ideas Peregrinas breakfast.
– Multivitamin infusion, perfect for an energy boost.
– Digestive infusion.


– Beetroot juice.
– Hummus on toast.
– We have vegan options.

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– Matcha brownie.
– Chocolate brownie.
– Oatmeal and berry cake.
– Vegan supercookie.

Savoury dishes

– Scrambled eggs.
– Seaweed pasty.
– Pilgrim toast.
– Classic salad.
– Salmon sandwich with our own cream.

I would like to make a suggestion

Takeaway picnic for the trail

Hours 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday.
Delicious ice cream
Organic coffee
Free Wi-Fi
Outside area
Information point

And also...

Takeaway picnic for the trail

If you would like to keep your strength up along the way we can prepare a small picnic basket with whatever you fancy.

Cultural activitiesThere is always something new to see

We organise book presentations, exhibitions, etc. At Ideas Peregrinas, there is always something new to discover.

If you have something you would like everybody to see, drop by and tell us about it, or send us an e-mail


Bike rentalto go for a spin and even more!

One of the best ecotrails in Europe is little more than a kilometre away from our hostel. If you don’t have your own bike, don’t worry, we know where you can rent them, just write and ask us!


Our products for the pilgrimage

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