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"Bursting with history" Sandra. España. Camino Portugués 2019

Our rooms!

302 double room with private bathroom.

This is our most special room, and not just for its street views, private bathroom or bespoke decor, but also due to the intangible quality it possesses: its history.

This is the room where John Brierley spent four nights before we decided to set up this hostel, and a little part of him has stayed with us, because he contributed towards making this hostel a pilgrim house by sharing many ideas and resources.

We had already met John. The idea of creating a hostel was only a dream, but when we showed him the spot, he came back with his backpack and said he would not take “no” for an answer. He stayed for several days, and on his last day he left a message in the café saying “11 am meeting with the sisters”, and at 11 am he said “do it”, and so we did.

John was our first guest.

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Double room in the hostel!

301 double room with shared bathroom.

It is a small, cosy interior room. A perfect place to rest and get some REM sleep. It shares a bathroom with the room opposite, and it is on the same floor as the kitchen and living room.

Attic room!

303 double room with shared bathroom.

We don’t know if it’s thanks to its bohemian flair or its protective, warm feel, but our guests just love this room. In addition, its skylight window offers views of rooftops and the tower of the Convent of the Poor Clare Nuns.
It shares a bathroom with room 301.

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Double room!

201 double room with shared bathroom.

Minimalist, clean lines and enough room for a peaceful night’s sleep. It has no views but opens onto a small inner courtyard. The little room at the back has plenty of light and views of the path leading between stone houses to the river, and of the town hall directly opposite. Look out early in the morning and watch the sunrise, it’s one of the best feelings ever.

It shares a bathroom with two other rooms.


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Total privacy!

202 double room with private bathroom.

Every morning, opening the shutters of this room is an invitation to take a stroll through the historic city, just by glimpsing out you journey to the past as this room overlooks the old street, Rúa Seixas, which leads to Tui Cathedral. Here you will find privacy as it has its own bathroom, although we encourage you to discover all the communal spaces of the house.

Room for two travellers!

203 double room with shared bathroom.

The wealth of sights that can be spotted is amazing, as our hostel is on a corner, right at the entrance to the historic city and surrounded by three streets. This room looks out onto two façades: one is on the Porta da Pía, the only preserved entrance of the old Tui city wall, and the other is on the Rúa Seixas.

Bedroom for two, sharing a bathroom with two other rooms.

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Room for two without having to part from the rest of the group!

102 double room with shared bathroom.

It is the ideal room for those who want to be in a group, because the rest of the rooms on this floor are to share. It is the perfect room for snorers who don’t want to keep their friends awake. Pilgrims come in all shapes and sizes!

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Only two bunk beds!

204 quadruple room with shared bathroom.

A shared room that sleeps four, with a window overlooking the Porta da Pía entrance. With sturdy wooden bunk beds, it’s a comfortable, simple space, perfect for recharging energy for the next morning.

Bathroom shared with two other rooms.

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Room to share!

101 quadruple room with shared bathroom.

This room for four people looks out onto the Rúa Seixas, a cobbled street with noble, emblazoned houses that accommodate some of the best places to eat in Tui. Ideal for resting or relaxing after having walked your stage of the Way, or for getting into the spirit of the Portuguese Route.

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Perfect for those travelling alone or with a group of friends!

103 quadruple room with shared bathroom.

As there is enough space, we have opted for standard beds with individual lockers for your convenience. This room is full of charm as it looks out onto the entrance to the historic city.

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