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The North Face Mens Thermoball Hoodie is a warm insulating hooded jacket filled with Thermoball insulation.

Thermoball is warm, lightweight and compressible. It is designed to mimic the insulating properties of down but with the wet-weather insulating properties of synthetic insulation. This means you will stay warm with Thermoball even if it gets wet.

The jacket features a quilted stitch design to retain equal distribution of the ThermoBall insulation. The outer fabric material is ripstop to add durability. Two hand pockets provide storage for essential items. The internal cuffs of the jacket are elasticated for superior warmth retention. The hood is attached and fully adjustable.


ThermoBall Insulation

ThermoBall offers the lightweight, warmth, loft and compressibility of down insulation but with the wet-weather insulating performance of synthetic. Developed in partnership with PrimaLoft, Thermoball insulation is produced as small balls of synthetic fibres that replicate the clustering properties of down, trapping heat within air pockets to retain warmth. In testing, Thermoball has been found to have the same warmth equivalent of 600 fill goose down.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 15 cm
“Dende aquí vexo un camiño que non sei adónde vai; polo mismo que n'o sei, quixera o poder andar.” Rosalía de Castro

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